A downloadable game for Windows

Written by one man in his shed in the English countryside, QuickSnooker has been lovingly crafted over 19 years and 8 major versions to be a very faithful simulation of this strategic billiards game.

Played on a much larger table than Pool, Snooker is a truly great game of real skill and subtlety. Anyone who has actually hit a ball on a real life, 12 foot Snooker table will know just how hard it really is, but QuickSnooker takes the pain out of potting and let’s you play like a Professional, with rewarding long shots and satisfying snookers.

19 years of fulfilled feature requests leaves you with just about everything you could want in a Snooker game, Snooker, Pool, 9 ball, Challenging computer opponents, online play, 3D and top down views (or both at once) , live chat and friendly players from all over the world.

Install instructions

The QuickSnooker launcher should provide a very smooth, 60 second installation experience, but, if you have any trouble with it I’d really like to know and help you resolve it. Drop a quick mail to support@quicksnooker.com and I will get right back to you (time zone permitting)


Quick Snooker Launcher